Tricks to Feeling Full and Eating Less

Are you one of the many dieters struggling to eat less and lose the weight? The mind can play a powerful role in weight loss as we use “tricks” to make us feel full. Here are some of the easiest tips for feeling full eating less:

Switch hands:

This is so simple; we may discount it, but many researchers say if you are right handed and switch to your left to eat- your mind will struggle to adjust, and you will eat less. As you work to get the food to your mouth with the “wrong” hand, you will be forced to slow down your eating. This helps you to be more “mindful” of what you eat and ultimately assist you to consume fewer calories.

Try holding your fork upside down :

Take a cue from our British friends who always eat this way. Americans tend to “stab” their food, causing them to get more in a mouthful. When you hold your fork the other way, you get less to eat, but you feel like you have done enough fork work to be full.

One bite at a time:

For some reason, we often eat as though we are being timed; Smart eaters know that if you take one small bite at a time and chew it thoroughly you will be more conscious of how much you are eating. Waiting between bites causes us to feel like we have eaten more and thus, we feel full

Take breaks :

This is another simple tool to feeling full and eating less. Wait between courses, take small sips and even get up and walk around, if you can. This short break in eating allows your mind to catch up with what you have ingested, and you may even discover you are full.

Chopsticks anyone? :

This is another mind over matter trick. If you aren’t handy with chopsticks, using these utensils will force you to slow down and look carefully at your food as you try to eat.

Zone out! :

Researchers tell us that if we make our meals a technology free zone- we will find ourselves eating less. It is easy to graze on food while we watch tv or in front of the computer. But if you sit down at the table and turn everything off you will get full faster because you will be conscious of what you are eating.

Work harder :

A study was done with two groups of people eating pistachio nuts. It was determined that those who had to crack the shells ate significantly less than those who had their nuts readily in front of them. The difference in calories was 211 for those who had shelled nuts to 125 for those who had to some work. Also, the sheer number of shells made some in the study feel “full.” On a side note- if you eat a few pistachios before a meal…you will feel full and eat less.

Coffee, tea or…? :

Before you sit down to that big breakfast, steal a few moments to sit with your coffee or tea. If you drink slowly and enjoy the aroma, you will find this inhibits your appetite.

An apple a day… :

Studies have shown that if you eat an apple before a meal, you will eat at least 15% fewer calories. The sugar and the substance in the apple trick your stomach into feeling full and therefore requiring fewer calories.

Chew your heart out! :

Researches say if you can chew your favorite gum for up to 45 minutes, it will reduce cravings for snacks or too much food.

Practice makes perfect :

Make a habit of using the same bowl every time you make snacks. The smaller the container, the easier it will be to trick yourself that you are full. Use a small bowl and fill it up with a healthy snack to make you feel full.

No do-overs with leftovers :

We are often at our weakest as we clean up from a meal. We decide to eat what is left instead of storing it. Try to cook less or even throw away what is left to keep you from after dinner eating.

As you can see, there are many tips to tricking yourself into believing you are full. Many are common sense, but it helps to see them in black and white. Remind yourself of little ways to cut high calories and you will soon reach that weight goal.

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