All You Need To Know About The South Beach Diet

The reason the South Beach Diet has been so successful assisting dieters with weight loss is because of the science behind it. This entire platform is one for healthful eating. When you examine this science, you realize immediately that this diet plan is a logical, healthy method for losing weight. Your body can be at risk if levels of glucose are high in your blood. They create a sluggish metabolism. A lowered metabolism rate will impede weight loss.

It is important to understand that when your body is unable to produce insulin used to stabilize high blood glucose levels, then the ensuing diagnosis may be diabetes. Foods with higher numerical values on Glycemic Index trigger high glucose levels. Glycemic Index is one of the foundation of South Beach Diet. Let’s learn more about this diet.

The South Beach Diet comprises of three phases. Phase 1 focuses on removing carbohydrates and lasts for two weeks. It levels blood glucose and boosts your metabolism. Remember when an entire food group that typically causes quick, high sugar levels is removed from your life, you will end up losing weight.

However, this approach may not be healthy for an extended period. You should implement it to kick start your weight loss process. The South Beach Diet is a plan created to kick your metabolism into high gear within a short time.

The second Phase of this plan involves re-introducing other nutritious and delicious foods such as whole grains, fruits and additional vegetables. Your weight will continue to drop steadily but slower than Phase 1. However, it is a healthy way to lose weight. This Phase lasts as long as it takes for a dieter to reach his/her intended weight.

In Phase 3 of the South Beach Diet, dieters are expected to understand to how to come up with a good eating routine and enjoy it in moderation. You can always go back to Phase 1 or 2 if you swerve off your track. But if you keep up you will maintain your weight and healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

How healthy is the diet?
Well the Phase 1 of this plan is considered too restrictive. However, Phase 2 and 3 are healthy since they promote consumption of healthful fats, complex carbs and lean proteins but in a smaller percentage than you were used to.

Advice from The expert
The first few days of Phase one can be difficult for beginners but help keep you on track. In this phase, sweets, Baked goods and fruits are completely off-limits. You should also stay away from any type of Alcohol in this phase. You should stick to high fiber foods like vegetables, salads, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, low-fat cheese, non-fat yogurt and nuts.

If you are hungry in this first phase and can’t take its restrictions any more, simply increase the amounts of allowed foods you are eating. Remember the author of this plan, Dr. Agatston, says that it’s “your job” to eat until you are no longer hungry.

If you are obese, you are advised to stay longer than two weeks on Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. But you should always proceed to second Phase even when Phase 1 is showing better results. This is to avoid dietary “burn out” or fatigue.

So if you are wondering whether this diet plan is for you or not, you need to understand that it is meant for anyone wanting to try somewhat safe version of low-carb dieting. There are lots of creative recipes for cooks, chefs and dieters who appreciate good and healthy food.

That said, this has been voted as one of the best reduced-carb regimes. This plan mostly emphasizes on healthful fats and lean sources of protein which is generally healthy. It also advices dieters to eat three bites of rich dessert when eating out which is a clever move to keep you in check. In fact, you don’t have to continue filling up your stomach with a glass of fiber supplement 15 minutes before meal time. That’s costly and not necessary. Some of the supplements are not natural. You will get adequate supply of fiber when you eat high-fiber foods during your normal meals. This is a much better and tastier strategy than any other.

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