How Healthy Eating Can Affect Your Physical, Mental and Social Well-Being

You’re Health and Happiness Is All Connected

Food is what gives you the power to live your life. It provides the fuel that all your bodily processes need so that you can move, think and live. There is nothing in your life that is not affected by your health and diet. If you get your daily fuel for your body from fast foods, processed foods, fat and calorie dense foods, and sugars, then this will affect how you feel, the kind of person you are and how you spend your time pursuing your emotional happiness and well-being. The food you eat has an enormous impact on all aspects of your life, so it is important to make healthy eating choices that will empower you to make the most of your life.

The chain of cause and effect goes from what you eat, which affects your physical health, which will determine much of your mental health, which, finally, will impact your social relationships. Let’s examine this process in a little more detail by seeing how each stage of your overall health is affected by what you eat.

Physical Health :

Your agility, strength, coordination, speed, endurance and physical performance levels are all influenced by the food that you eat. Your ability to physically deal with what the world throws at you on a daily basis will have a large impact on your mental and social experiences. The food that you eat will determine how well you handle your daily physical routine, such as housecleaning, work, homework, school, shopping, exercise and caring for loved ones. A healthy diet will give you the energy and ability to tackle all of these tasks and more with ease and comfort.

Eating unhealthy foods and not eating the proper amounts at the right times can make your daily physical routine a struggle, as well as adding extra stress, aches and even injuries that make your life even harder and less pleasant. Many people have high carbohydrate diets with a lot of added sugar that leads to a day filled with exhausting spikes and crashes of energy. Diets heavy in saturated and trans fats will leave you feeling tired and interfere with your ability to focus on the tasks at hand. Moreover, these unhealthy diets will have a long term impact on your health in terms of your risk of diseases and other illnesses and injuries.

Poor diets leaves you with less ability to handle your daily routine and make you more prone to harmful and even deadly ailments that will only complicate your life and lower its overall quality.

Mental Health :

How you feel physically has a big impact on how well your mental health can handle life’s challenges. The worse your physical condition, the more difficult life will be. The added stress will then worsen your sense of mental well-being.

However, food also directly affects your mental health through more direct methods. Food is the source of energy for your brain as well as for your body, and the physical state of your brain will have a direct impact on your emotional and mental stability and health. Your ability to memorize and learn are affected by your mental health. People with mental illnesses, such as depression Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia can benefit from a healthy low-calorie diet that includes omega-3 fatty acids from fish and colorful vegetables and fruits. There is also a link between obesity and reduced brain function or cognitive impairment.

Your mental health is affected not only by your physical well-being, but can also be directly influenced by the food that you eat. Eating right will make you feel better emotionally, and help protect you against the onset or impact of various mental illnesses.

Social Well-Being :

Healthy eating habits will keep you feeling mentally and physically fit. When you look good and feel good, you have more self-confidence and suffer from fewer feelings of inhibition. You will be more out-going toward life and people, and will enjoy your life more as a consequence.

Physical ill-health, such as obesity, will keep your energy and confidence at a low level, which will keep you from enjoying social occasions with your friends and family. Living a stressful and low energy life will leave you looking forward to just sprawling out on the couch before you need to wake up for work again the next day.

A healthy diet keeps you physically and mentally fit and prepared to face life’s challenges, which in turn makes you more sociable and more attractive to be around. Strong social relationships are an important part of any full and rewarding life, and the first step to developing and maintaining these relationships is to ensure that you are in the best state of physical and mental health from eating right each day.

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