Fitness and Your Life

Fitness positively affects every area of our life. No matter how you fit your favorite activity into your daily schedule, it will benefit you. From hardcore workouts to walks or cardio, you will improve parts of your life that you didn’t even realize were lacking. You may not notice that you are easily out of breath or that you feel stiff. Sometimes, we don’t understand how bad we feel until we begin to move and exercise. Here are just some of the ways fitness affects your life:

Relief of stress :

This is a big deal, no matter who you are. Overworked business people or moms with a hectic schedule, we all need to relieve that pressure. Little annoyances build into big, tight muscles, and the daily grind can leave you with an aching head. Take the time to work up a sweat and it will release physical and mental stress.

Improve your heart :

Any healthy exercise builds your endurance which helps your heart. As you build your inner strength, your heart will have to work less hard. In fact, all of your organs improve with cardio or force/endurance training.

Lift your spirits :

Even simple exercises can improve your moods. Chemicals released during physical activity suppress the feelings of depression while enhancing a more positive outlook. As your body becomes healthier, this will also improve your vision because you are feeling better physically.

Energy boost :

Forget drinking that third cup of coffee to wake up, just exercise. It is true that physical fitness gives you a brief shot of energy, it also provides you with more energy throughout the day. So, contrary to some people’s belief-exercising and fitness don’t make you tired they give you extra to get through the day.

Live longer :

We all want to have long, satisfying lives and physical fitness is the key to extending

Our life expectancy. Physical fitness means you are optimizing your body’s chance at being active for longer. We concentrate on our finances and our plans for the future but without a healthy body, none of that will matter.

Look your best :

You can’t beat a healthy glow, and you get that from a consistent fitness program. It doesn’t have to be extreme, but a healthy body will always look better than its numerical age. As you tighten your core and your muscles, you will not only look younger but feel that way, too.

Less worry about injury :

Whether you are young or old, you do your best to avoid any injury. For the young, it can mean rehabilitation and for the more elderly ones it can expect an interruption of your life. Any physical activity strengthens your body against injury. The more fit you are, the less chance of injury.

It’s fun :

Although it goes against traditional thought, being fit can be fun. If you choose an activity you enjoy to stay fit; you will find some time carved in your schedule to do something for yourself. You can indulge in a favorite sport and get fit at the same time.

Make new friends :

Many times our physical fitness routine takes us into places we don’t usually go, which helps us meet new friends. Exercise is more fun when you share it with someone else who has the same passions.

Reach new goals :

As we plan our futures, we should also include physical goals such as keeping up the tennis or golf game; being able to ride bikes with the grandchildren. Consistent exercise and fitness will enable us to do these activities longer.

Fitness has also been proven to reduce the risks of eight common health conditions. Centers for Disease Control list the following as being improved with exercise.

  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Being overweight
  • Certain types of cancers
  • Arthritis
  • Disease of the heart
  • Anxiety and depression

As you can see, there are many benefits to staying fit and having an exercise program in your daily life. If you don’t think you have time or money to find physical fitness- you can discover small things you can do every day to improve your health. Walking, taking the stairs or even exercises at your desk can improve your health.

With the eight serious diseases mentioned by the CDC, it is important to give yourself every advantage of not falling victim to one of these potential killers. Exercise heals you mentally and physically so the real question is- how can you afford not to become physically fit?


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